Kathy Murphy, Ph.D.

Individual Sessions

Trained as both a counselor and life coach, Dr. Kathy joins you on your life-altering journey providing the safe space for you to Consider the Possibilities for your Life.

This extremely powerful process will support you in discovering better clarity and understanding of the things you need to build your greatest life, along with a personal narrative summary which will serve as a guideline to begin this growth, your intensive session recording, and a post session evaluation.

To learn more about how a session would support you email me for a FREE 20 minute personal intensive session via phone.

First Session

In this first session, you will be given the choice of making a MP3 recording of your session for your further reflection. I highly recommend this as it allows you to not have to think about remembering all that is said. It also gives you something to reflect on later to deepen your personal experience.

The Process

We will create a safe and sacred space for your work while in session…whether it be lighting a candle, reading a poem, a meditation, a guided imagery, music, or saying a mantra or a prayer. I will teach you mindfulness techniques like Breathing Spaces and Heart Centered Mudra’s to help you stay in the moment, allowing you to open in a soothing and comfortable environment.

We will also use powerful dialogue and questions to access your wisdom, your dreams, and your power.

The process will be different for each individual although the ultimate goal for each person’s work will be life design – learning how to live the life you were meant to live.

Together we will state the intentions for your work for each session. The process covers many, many areas of our lives. You can decide which areas you want to focus on.

The Consider the Possibilities Life Design Process addresses many of the powerful questions of life, here is a sampling of some of the questions we will discover.

  1. Who Are You? Really?
  2. What Do You Really Want?
  3. What Are Your Possibilities?
  4. What’s Your Vision?


You will leave your session with greater clarity, resolve, and understanding of the possibilities for your life. You will have a recording of each of your sessions so that you may continue to reflect and revisit the work you did in your session. You will also receive a narrative summary with action steps to begin your journey.

You are completely in charge of the amount of work you want to do and the number of sessions you want to have. Please be sure to carefully read the Informed Consent form.

Downloadable PDF Files:

Upon deciding to arrange a session, you can download the following PDF files to begin the journey. Please submit prior to first session.

You may or may not choose to submit your responses to the Powerful Questions Exercise. If you do, your journey will begin immediately!

Please email me to sign up for your personal intensive session.

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