Kathy Murphy, Ph.D.


I invite you to spend 3 life inspiring days with a gathering of women for the purpose of taking time out of our busy lives to remember who you really are, what you really want, and the life you are meant to live! You will leave this very special retreat experience renewed, recommitted, and rejuvenated… I promise. — Dr. Kathy  

What Happens at this Retreat? 

Our intention is to create the space and place for you to have a meaningful and uniquely life transforming experience.  During this weekend, you will:

   Slow down, relax and reconnect with yourself.
   Reveal your true value and be amazed by what you discover.
   Connect with a group of inspired and inspiring women.
   Discover your true positive nature and new possibilities.
   Define a series of next steps to live the real power of your life.

About Dr. Kathy

As a bold, inspiring transformational guide, Dr. Kathy challenges us to explore with a series of exercises that take us on a journey of inner discovery, while utilizing the most powerful tool we have within our grasp: this beautiful community of women. Her deep-rooted passion to impact the lives of each woman she meets has made her a sought-after speaker and teacher throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Please email me with any inquiries or for further information.

[quote style=”1″]Hearts were touched, hands were held and tears were dried by laughter, all in a safe environment for renewal. Thank you Kathy and all my new wise sisters for embracing me and leading me in the direction in which I can thrive. ~ Robin H.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″]A safe space was created for each of us to take off the masks that we present to the world and to truly be seen for who we really are… It truly was a magical weekend. ~ Karyn G.[/quote]
Photos of the Women's Weekend Retreat
***These retreats are facilitated personal growth experience and are not appropriate for women who may be dealing with serious mental health or addictions issues at this time in their lives
***CEU’s available for Helping Professionals

***Please CONTACT ME if you are interested in customizing a personal retreat for your friends, family or business, as I specialize in creating customized retreats, too.