Kathy Murphy, Ph.D.


 Next LifeClass To Be Announced Soon!

This virtual group is designed to teach you tools and provide support to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.  Whatever you are dreaming right now, get ready to say a bold, brave YES!  It’s time to become who you are truly meant to be!  After all, this is your one unique and precious life!  Why not live it now?

Learn Tools to Fulfill Your Unique Possibilities!

  • Learn to hear your own wisdom
  • Learn to trust that you can have what you want
  • Learn how to access and activate your own power
  • Gain the vital focus to achieve more of what you want
  • Make better decisions because you know what’s important to you
  • Attract more possibilities because you have clarity & purpose

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These will be small interactive groups where your dreams, goals and the highest priorities of your life will be addressed. The size of the group will allow the experience to be personalized and a place where you can ask your questions and get the attention and guidance and support you need.

Prior to every session you will receive a study guide that will be used on the call and will help you prepare to have the best experience. This study guide will serve to prepare you for the call as well as to become your own journal for recording your insights, decisions, and commitments.

This will be an opportunity to create a supportive community. In addition to being on the call with others, you will become part of a Facebook group where the conversation is ongoing and where we support each other throughout the week.

The purpose of this group is to help you evaluate and gain clarity on your life and then to encourage you to use this information to make better heart and power based decisions. It is also to support you to move your best intentions into action and to learn how to

Live Your Most Possible Life.

I promise, you are capable of so much more than you realize.
And, deep down inside you know it, too! ~ Kathy Murphy, PhD

Every month a new class will begin.  The topics are designed so that you can sign up one month to the next or just for one month….and drop in or out at anytime.

Please email me with inquiries for our next transformation class