Kathy Murphy, Ph.D.


Living Your Life From the Inside Out

With over 20 years’ experience in events and speaking, Dr. Kathy has become well known and respected for her deep rooted passion to impact the lives of others as well as her witty and playful personality, which makes for an entertaining yet emotional and effective presentation.

Her deep-rooted passion to impact the lives of each woman she meets has made her a sought-after speaker and teacher throughout the U.S. and beyond.

In her signature keynote address, Living Your Life From the Inside Out, Kathy Murphy challenges the audience to evaluate their lives through a series of life altering questions and effectively proven tools, aimed to help us access our inner wisdom and our greatest source of our personal power – ourselves.

Unafraid to ask the hard questions, Kathy’s keynote aims to inspire women to look within themselves to find their true self and strength, while also opening their hearts to leaning on each other for the support, love, and comfort required to reach and reveal the answers to life toughest questions.

Kathy’s presentation introduces personal stories, group exercises, affirmations and positive intention aimed to bridge the gap between their current state of  life satisfaction and the infinite possibilities available to them, not only encouraging but motivating us to do better.

“The choice to bring Kathy Murphy in to close our two day Women’s Leadership Conference proved to be invaluable. Kathy’s powerful presentation facilitated applying the abundance which we had experienced and simplifying it into personal terms. It takes a passion in your purpose to engage a large group- Kathy gave a great gift to the women who were fortunate enough to take part in her presentation.”Terri DeCenzo – Executive Director of Women in Philanthropy and Leadership for Coastal Carolina University

“Kathy has the power to speak directly to the heart.  Her direct, honest, inspiring message encourages us to embrace our true selves and live an authentic life.” Sandra Magsamen, Messages from the Heart

“WOW was all I could say as I looked over the crowd of faces of participants at Trident Technical College’s Administrative Professional Conference last week. Kathy did not just deliver an amazing keynote speech for the conference, she inspired and transformed the setting for the remainder of the day.” ~ Debby Marindin, Trident Technical College

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