Kathy Murphy, Ph.D.

Your Possible Life

by Dr. Kathy Murphy

Your Possible Life Cover

“We’re all trying to find home, searching for that place that is the truest and deepest expression of our potential. We are looking for the life of our dreams.  Not the life that our mother and father wanted for us, not the life that we wind up with through a series of defaults and bad choices, but the life that is uniquely programmed into our DNA, the life that is rightfully meant to be ours.”

Your Possible Life is a book for personal growth, a hands-on guide to building your best possible life, from the ground up. Through its tested and true series of exercises, techniques, and powerful tools for self-exploration, teacher, facilitator, personal life coach, and professional counselor, Dr. Kathy Murphy takes you step by step to reclaiming your deepest desires, dreams, and longings, and turning them into the life you want to be living.

Where do you live? Not your address, not the physical place you eat and sleep, but the place within you that knows your heart’s longings and calls you home?

Based on the successful life design program that Dr. Kathy Murphy has taught to thousands in her private practice, retreats, and personal growth seminars, Your Possible Life is a guide to building the life you are meant to be living, a life that’s the perfect fit for you – a true home for your heart. This practical, down-to-earth program provides you with the powerful tools and techniques for growth, through essential questions, exercises, and ideas for thoughtful and heart-felt life design.   Wake up to you inner callings, you deepest nature – to who you truly are.  It’s never too late to live your most authentic life.

What Others Are Saying…

Kathy Murphy has written the book I wanted to write… She holds your hand and walks with you, in ways that are continuously encouraging and life-giving, through the internal and external chaos to create the life you really want.

Sally Z. Hare, Ph. D.
Singleton Distinguished Professor Emerita,
Coastal Carolina University, and
President, Still Learning, Inc


Kathy Murphy’s writing style and content are exceptional for anyone 100% committed to making a difference in their lives. The provocative questions, the stories and homework make this book a keepsake- you can use it over and over as you experience different seasons in your life. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about massive change in self and influencing others.

Kudos Kathy- thank you for such a precious gift.

Tanya Thomas- President -Premier Coaching Group.,Senior Trainer and Master Coach with The Anthony Robbins



This is not your usual “self-help” book; rather, it is a forceful guide, a journey of introspection as well as a workbook on how to organize those thoughts which often times are fleeting and escape serious reflection. The book is well organized and has a gentle feel, as if you were talking to the author in her office. It provides a pathway to address the challenges life throws our way. I particularly like the book’s specific tools that help analyze where you are and where you would like to be.

Michael Molony

Consider the Possibilities!