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Hearing Your Own Voice

“I have heard it all my life…

A voice calling a name I recognized as my own.


Remember who you are

And let that knowing take you home.”

– Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Remember when you were a child.  You would go out and have grand adventures all day long. Then, at the end of the day, your mother would come to the door and call your name, calling you home.  Back to the place where you belonged, to the place that was safe, where you would be nourished and a place where you could rest.

We are all still looking for home.  That place where we feel known, accepted, and appreciated for all of who we are.  The place where we feel safe. The place that nourishes our body, soul and spirit. The difference is that now, in our adult lives, home is not a physical street address.  It is an emotional and spiritual place within us.

Today the voice that is calling our name, calling us home, the voice that knows how to take care of us and that cares about us lies within.  It is no longer out there. Today the voice you are seeking is your own loving, nurturing, wise voice.

The  only question is “Can you hear it?   Can you hear your own voice?”  And if you can hear it, do you listen?

If you will learn to listen carefully , there is an inner voice that will wake you up to your life. It is a voice that will inform you and help you make all the decisions of your life.  It is the voice that will guide you back home to the place where you feel safe and are nurtured.

Can you hear  your own voice – the one that remembers who you really are?

Please join me tomorrow, Monday, July 9, at 5pm EST.
I will be a guest co-host on The Marsh Engles Radio Show based in LA.  Marsh Engle is an inspiring transformational teacher.  We will be talking about how we hear our own inner wisdom – our intuition, our loving inner voice,  our own wise woman.  This is important information because this is  the voice that we want to be seeking and paying attention to. This is the voice we want to guide our lives.

Click here to listen:
http://sky.radio.com/shows/the-marsh-engle-show/   And please, call in with your own powerful questions. 248.545.7685


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4 Responses to “Hearing Your Own Voice”

Hayden Quattlebaum says:

Hi Kathy! Yes, I agree that we need to listen and hear ourselves. But I also believe that a special, warm, and loving physical home is very important, as well. It can be that safe place where you go in order to hear your inner thoughts. It can be a safe place to rest, meditate, and replenish ourselves. Once, I was asked in an interview, “Where do you go to get away from it all?” She was expecting to hear some far off, exotic place. My answer was, “HOME.” If we could all feel that way about our homes, it would expand our abilities to hear ourselves since we spend a lot of our time there. So, my suggestion is to try to make your home a haven of safety and comfort for yourselves, expanding the opportunities to spend quality time with yourselves and listen out for your inner voice in your space of safety and love. Hope this makes sense….Hayden

Kathy Murphy says:

I cannot agree more. I love to create beautiful and safe spaces. Our homes are the place where we do spend time with just ourselves. And within your home do you have a safe space for yourself to sit and reflect and hear that inner voice. Thanks, Hayden

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