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The Gift of Peace – A Meditation for the Season

My gift to you this year is a sweet ten-minute guided meditation to deepen your experience of peace during this very special season –  something to listen to as you sit in front of your Christmas tree – or your Menorah candles – or out in nature –  or just somewhere within the light of your own heart.

This a meditation on peace.  Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, agnostic or aetheist, this is the season of peace.  For all of us, this time celebrates the birth and the possibility for the good in all of us.

Give yourself the gift of peace.  Take ten minutes every day during this season. Light a candle or turn on the lights on your Christmas tree, close your eyes, and let yourself reflect on the deeper meanings of the season.

Give yourself this gift and I promise it will change not only your life but of those around you as well. You will then be the gift of peace.

Let There Be Peace On Earth And Let It Begin With Me

With love…..

The Gift of Peace – A Guided Meditation

**I had intended to send this meditation on peace out next week, closer to the holiday. However, after the sad, sad events of this week I felt maybe some of us needed to sit and reflect on what peace means…today. My heart is broken for all of us and I pray that we find our way to peace.

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