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One More Thing Off the Bucket List

Does one have to die when they’ve checked off all of the dreams on their bucket list?

 We’d better be careful.

We’ve been marking off a lot of very cool things lately. (more…)

Lost in Pennsylvania

After three days in Gettysburg, we got in the car and headed east on Hwy. 30 (the Lincoln Highway) towards Philadelphia. It was a straight shot. I don’t know how we got so lost.

Michael is the designated driver and I am the co-pilot ~ the navigator. We have the navigation system on our new car  and Mapquest on the IPad. That might have been the problem.

I had dueling electronic gadgets (both with voices) telling me two completely different routes. It was like having two virtual backseat drivers. After finding ourselves in the downtown slums of York, Pennsylvania, we finally had to pull over and stop. (more…)

The Gift of Peace – A Meditation for the Season

My gift to you this year is a sweet ten-minute guided meditation to deepen your experience of peace during this very special season –  something to listen to as you sit in front of your Christmas tree – or your Menorah candles – or out in nature –  or just somewhere within the light of your own heart. (more…)

What If You Loved Yourself As Much As You Love Others?

Just imagine with me for a moment…

What if

You loved yourself

As much as

You love your children, your partner, your dearest friends…

How might your life be different?

I’m not even suggesting that you love yourself the most, or that you put yourself first.  I’m just suggesting that you love yourself “at least as much as”. (more…)

How Old Are You? Really?

I’m not talking about your chronological age, although that may be what that question means to you. But really, how old are you?  The number bears only part of the definition and can actually be quite deceiving. The real question might be how old do you feel? How old do you act?

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?