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How Old Are You? Really?

I’m not talking about your chronological age, although that may be what that question means to you. But really, how old are you?  The number bears only part of the definition and can actually be quite deceiving. The real question might be how old do you feel? How old do you act?

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?  

I love this question. It’s a great question. I can’t answer it for you, however, I can encourage you to stop and take some time to answer it.  Take some time to reflect on what getting older means to you, what you want it to mean for you, and then take a moment to ask yourself how you’re doing so far?

Because trust me it is happening. If you are reading this, you are getting older – even if you’re only twenty-something, you are getting older (and I pray you will get very, very old).  Just know that it happens faster than you think.

While I wasn’t looking I had aged…

 … how the hell did I get old so fast.

~ Jim Rogers

My dear friend, Jim Rogers, just published a new book of poems.  It’s titled Starts and Stops Along the Way.  In an unsettling, yet beautifully honest and simple way, he lets us in on his own inner journey of aging.  Trust me, Getting Old isn’t for Sissies. 

Jim does a full frontal of the losses and realities of being an older man.  From the gruesome, funny, and inevitable physical losses, to the memories ~ the loves and the regrets.  It’s a naked view into someone’s unabashed thoughts and personal truths about aging. His book opens a doorway into your own inner journey.  It is very provocative and it makes you think.

Which is exactly the point.

Stop and take some time to think about these questions.  What are some of your truths about aging?  What are some of your lies? What are your fears?

I just went to see the new movie The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel.  This glorious, beautiful piece of art about aging will really give you something to think about.  You simply MUST go see it.   This marvelous film is another prompt or doorway into your own exploration of aging.   Through this movie, you will realize you always have choices.

I want to be like Judi Dench’s character in the movie.  She had just lost her husband, her house, her security, and her faith.  Her husband had lied all during their marriage about the money.  So what does she do?   With seven other older people, she moves to The Exotic Marigold Hotel in India and the stories unfold. I won’t tell you anymore.  I’ll only say this movie will reveal the only actual choice we have ~ it’s not whether or not we will age, but how we will age.

What’s your choice?

Do you want to be a wise sage, a bawdy, out-spoken, free spirit, a passivist, a crone (which by the way isn’t a bad thing), an activist?  Do you want to nurture or do you want to cut loose and be free?  Do you want to live loudly or quietly? Who are your best role models? There are a lot of options.

Go on your own inner journey and discover for yourself.  Acknowledge some of the inevitable truths, but also flush out the lies and the fears.  Get conscious and thoughtful.  Figure out who you really are, your true nature, your deepest longings and make a choice to be that. Recognize where you are on track and where you are off.   If you are not already, start living your one true life.

Finally.  It’s  time.  And if you do, I promise you,  how old you really are won’t really matter.

.     Powerful Question:

.     What’s your vision of yourself as an older person?


.     How  are you doing?


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4 Responses to “How Old Are You? Really?”

Roger Boger says:

Hi Kathy, Great subject matter…I know that God put me on the short “dash” to make people more aware of what it takes to live a longer, healthier life and so I shall always stay connected to you because of your work and because I’m so fond of you. Karen and I have a TV show airing in New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas Ft. Worth etc.We interview the best ( Bob Proctor, Dr Pam Popper , who was in the movie “Forks Over Knives”,Dr Paul Long, Dr Roger Garcia, author of “Aged to Perfection”, Dr. Jim Butler, Cheryl Bassitt, creator of one of the top 5 ideas for humanity recently, etc.We would be honored to record you on film we shall be in the Carolina area soon..and would love to stop in Charleston to see you and Mike. Love ya!! Roger

Candy says:

you always know what to say & when to say it. Did you have me on your mine? Miss you. love you.

Kathy Murphy says:

Hey Roger, I’ll write you separately but I would love to be included in your show. Thanks for the consideration.

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