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What If You Loved Yourself As Much As You Love Others?

Just imagine with me for a moment…

What if

You loved yourself

As much as

You love your children, your partner, your dearest friends…

How might your life be different?

I’m not even suggesting that you love yourself the most, or that you put yourself first.  I’m just suggesting that you love yourself “at least as much as”.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you gave yourself as much credit as you do the people you love?

What if you believed in your possibilities as much as you believe in your children’s possibilities?

What if you went the extra mile for yourself like you do for your friends?

You know how when you love someone, you stand up for them and defend them against all the ugly, mean, or hurtful things that others may say.

What if we stood up for ourselves with the same conviction and loyalty as we do for people we love?  (Often times, maybe most times, the person we have to stand up to is our own inner critic.)

What if you believed in yourself and encouraged yourself like you do those you love?

Have you ever stopped and listened to the sage, loving, wise advice you give others?  From the bottom of your heart, with truth and sincerity, you tell the people you love to pursue their dreams, to not listen to the criticism of others, to do the hard things, to go for it, to stick with it. You tell them when they need to let go.  You promise to believe in them  and you promise to support them. And you do.

What if you really cared about  what you wanted – your dreams and desires- at least as much as you  care about what others want?

I work with women in my teleclass life lessons and in our 3 day retreats, and almost every woman states that they consistently put their needs, dreams, desires aside to take care of the other’s in their life.  They want the others in their lives to know how much they care about them and how they can be counted on to be there for them.  They want them to know how much they love them.

However, many are doing so at the exclusion of themselves, their dreams, their desires. As I listen to these amazing women talk about how much they care for and what they were willing to do for the people in their lives, yet not for themselves, I am moved to tears.  I automatically intuitively hear this question from my heart…What if they were as willing to do for themselves what they are willing to do for others?  

Things like:

1.  Only hold the best vision of ourselves.

2.  Choose to believe in ourselves.

3.  Stand up for ourselves.

4.  Do the hard work for our dreams.

5.  Love ourselves no matter what.

6. Support ourselves and our dreams.

7. Remind ourselves constantly how much we are loved.

8.  Be there for ourselves.

Powerful Questions:

I still keep hearing the question “How would our lives be different if we truly loved ourselves and valued ourselves enough to give ourselves what we really want and if we allowed ourselves permission to be who we really are?  What if we loved and cared for ourselves, if we truly, deeply, unconditionally loved and valued US…how might our lives be different? Think about that. Just may move you to tears as well.

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4 Responses to “What If You Loved Yourself As Much As You Love Others?”

Kathy Murphy says:

Thanks Diane. I love this thought too. You know, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my daughter or my husband…I can’t really think of anything….and I don’t use excuses when it comes to what they need…I find a way. I think I deserve the same commitment to myself…how about you?

Lucia Dulan says:

I loved this message about loving ourselves. It is something I work at on a daily basis, but it doesn’t come easily. As with any worthwhile endeavor, it requires lots of practice to change old ways of thinking and behaving. Nevertheless, even the smallest changes have produced more joy in my life. Thank you for putting this hopeful message out.

Kathy Murphy says:

Yes, Lucia, even the smallest changes can make a difference….it requires being conscious, mindful and awake about the choices we make….

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