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Being Alone Together

Last week, Michael and I attended a workshop with Anne LeClaire
at The Sophia Institute.   It was a transformational experience.

Twice a Month, Every Month, for Twenty Years, Anne has practiced A Day of Silence. From Sunday night at bedtime until Tuesday morning when she wakes up, she doesn’t speak. Not a word. Listening Below the Noise is her beautiful new book about this practice and she is a wise and inspiring teacher on the topic. So inspiring that my husband and I decided to practice A Day of Silence together. (more…)

Taking Time to Reconnect and Remember

This past weekend, 28 women stopped and took a break from their busy lives.  We intentionally and purposefully stopped…to  catch our breath… so that we could remember.  So we could remember who we really are (our essential values), what we really want  (our deepest dreams and desires) and what it might take to get us there (our next steps).  Most of us had forgotten … or had never known in the first place. (more…)