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How to Adjust When Life Takes Unexpected Turns

I spend my days writing, teaching and speaking to countless people about Designing Your Life. This is my passion and my purpose.  I love teaching people about having a vision for their lives and tools for bringing dreams into reality.  I can help you design a beautiful plan of empowered next steps that will keep you moving forward toward your destiny.  

But….what about when plans fall apart?  I had a plan, a deeply nurtured vision of how I was going to fulfill my dream – my heart’s calling. And it was a good plan.  I could see it clear as a bell and I was working it.  Then, out of the blue, out of nowhere, came  a sharp left turn. An unforeseen turn, an unasked-for redirection, and something I definitely hadn’t planned for. This week I’ve had to deal with best laid plans…..gone awry. (more…)