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Taking Time to Reconnect and Remember

This past weekend, 28 women stopped and took a break from their busy lives.  We intentionally and purposefully stopped…to  catch our breath… so that we could remember.  So we could remember who we really are (our essential values), what we really want  (our deepest dreams and desires) and what it might take to get us there (our next steps).  Most of us had forgotten … or had never known in the first place.

It was amazing.  Who’d have thought you could be so intimate — so quickly — in the presence of strangers?  Well, we did.  We went deep and far, reconnecting with ourselves while in the presence of others.

Parker Palmer calls it “being alone together.” Palmer says (and we know), it gets scary delving into our deeper selves alone.  Sometimes it helps to be with others. A lady at one of our retreats said, “It’s like going into deep water but you’re holding hands.”

We came together last weekend to create a safe space.  A place  where each of us could explore, confess, declare, and proclaim who we really are, what we really want and what we needed to do/be to get there….  and to have it heard, understood, validated and empowered.

You could actually see  women change over the weekend.  It was not only powerful, it was magical.

We were reminded about how difficult and how important it is to tell the truth.  Not only to others, but also, mainly, to ourselves.  The  beloved adage, The Truth Shall Set You Free is, well, true.

Sharing at this level required a willingness to be vulnerable, a willingness to be real. And, again, it was very scary.   But we did it.  We removed our masks and spoke our truth.  We believed him when the skin horse of The Velveteen Rabbit told us, “Once you are real, you can never be ugly.”

We took advantage of the power of our circle of women (henceforth, called sisters) to help each of us remember our heart’s desires and to hear our own true voice.   We dove deeper and talked about our long lost dreams.

The most powerful part of this retreat is the community of love, acceptance, and support that was formed.  We were each reminded how much we need each other and of the power that comes from being together.

Do you have a circle?  (It can be a circle of two – having coffee.)  If not, find one.  And when you do, have the intention and the courage to be real, to tell the truth, and to speak your dreams out loud.

You do not have to be alone.  Just like you were taught as a child, when you step out into the big world, it is always best to hold hands …

Powerful Questions:

Do you have a community, a support system that provides the safe space for you to do the inner work of your highest and deepest growth?  

Who would you like to hold hands with as you are walking out into the world?

On Nov. 12, I will be facilitating a Circle of Women at The Center for Women in Charleston, SC. Please come join us and take advantage of this opportunity to sit together and hold a space for each other as we look at our lives – as we ask ourselves the powerful questions: Who Am I and What Do I Really Want?

Also, I would love to hear from the women who attended the retreat last weekend. Please take a moment to stop and remember ….. reply below.

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8 Responses to “Taking Time to Reconnect and Remember”

pattiewelekhall says:

You’re retreat sounds awesome. It reminded me of something I read this morning.

“Watch your thoughts: They become your words.
Watch your words: They become your actions.
Watch your actions: They become your habits.
Watch your habits: They become your character.
Watch your character: It becomes your destiny”

Yay, for you, Kathy, for creating sacred space for women to take off their mask and find their real beauty inside. And you do it all with such grace and style.

Bless you,
Pattie Welek Hall

Bonnie Compton says:

Kathy you are such a gift…not only to myself, but to all of the women you have touched. My participation in your retreats and transformation program have been a gift I’ve given to myself…being in a circle of women, feeling loved and supported has given me the gift of freedom…free to be myself, freedom from self-doubt and judgement…and the freedom to discover who I truly am and how I want to be in the world.

Kathy Murphy says:

Thanks for the testimony. You certainly have the authority to speak about the retreat, now that you’ve gone twice. This is the beauty of this experience, it’s something you can revisit over and over. Also, think of how many new sisters you have because of this process – Claudia and so many others. You have a circle that you can call on to speak your truth and to keep you tapped into your freedom. It is so exciting. It’s exciting for me to watch you…with love, Kathy

Beth Huntley says:

What an amazing weekend! Wonderful women gathering to grow, learn, teach, connect and make their lives and the lives of those around them, a better place. Loved meeting all of you and wish you all the best in your journeys!

jeanne cullinane says:

This retreat was an amazing experience that gave me the safety net to be open and honest. Every day since I have lit my candle and spent time on me, thanks Kathy !

Kathy Murphy says:

Hi Beth and Jeanne, Well, it’s been a week and I am still thinking of our fabulous weekend. I am thrilled Jeanne that you have taken the practice of lighting a candle into everyday of your life. It will make a difference. I have been doing this for decades and it is now such a part of how I honor myself and my life. It helps to keep me centered and helps me to remember.

Nancy Robison says:

Dear Kathy,

I cannot believe it has been two weeks since the incredible journey that you took us through. Each day as I choose to take a few moments for myself I am reminded of you and the most remarkable group of women that I was fortunate enough to be connected with in real time and real space. What a tremendous opportunity to be honest, and understand that life really is OK!! I wish we could all do it again! It was magic! You are truly the inspiration that so many women need in these most uncertain times. I will forever keep this weekend in my heart.
Thank you.

Kathy Murphy says:

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks either. So the question is how to keep the magic? What do each of us want to be doing to remember….see this week’s blog.

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