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Feeling the Love in Asheville, NC

It’s Not About the Biscuits….It’s About the Love

Our first morning in Asheville, we went to the Tupelo Honey Cafe. – a local place renowned for it’s sweet potato pancakes with real maple syrup.  We were told that “we had to have” a sweet potato pancake.  They were right.  It was absolutely splendid…over the top delicious. (more…)

Why Retreat? See what happened at Old Edwards Inn…

I am finding that it takes

a lot of time to be a woman.

It takes time to have a feeling of space,

A chance to sink into myself.  

As long as I take time to light a candle to my life,

It remains my life.

~ Judith Duerk (more…)

The Gift of Peace – A Meditation for the Season

My gift to you this year is a sweet ten-minute guided meditation to deepen your experience of peace during this very special season –  something to listen to as you sit in front of your Christmas tree – or your Menorah candles – or out in nature –  or just somewhere within the light of your own heart. (more…)

Where is Your Safe Space?

A safe space holds the dream of what we could be and nourishes the Possibility…” ~ Jean Shinoda Bolen, The Millioneth Circle

Everyone who is on a journey of personal and spiritual growth needs a safe space.  A designated space or place, internal or external, where we can go to see ourselves, our lives, and each other.  A place where we are willing to explore, maybe expose, maybe dream ~ freely. A place where we can tell the truth. (more…)