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Needing to Just Stop

How can one still be stressed while spending a year living in the serenity of retreat centers and in the beauty and stillness of nature?

Mainly it’s because we don’t stay still.  We are constantly moving ~ from one kind of retreat center to another, from one national park to another new city or town, and from one life-changing experience to the next.  One day we’ll need to just stop so we can integrate them all.

But for now…the journey continues. (more…)

Some Thoughts on Leaving…

When you love something, it’s always hard to leave…

~ Winnie the Pooh

One of the parts of this trip that I honestly hadn’t anticipated was the constant leaving.  We are always leaving someplace, something, or someone. Beginning with the big ones ~ our home, our beloved city of Charleston, our family, and life-long friends. It wasn’t easy.

Now, on quite a regular basis, we are leaving new places and new people that we’ve fallen in love with along the way.  This journey of traveling to and from  spiritual centers around the country sets the stage for having deep, rich experiences and building close connections. It can be intense. And when it inevitably comes time to leave ~ it’s always a bit sad.   (more…)

Why Retreat? See what happened at Old Edwards Inn…

I am finding that it takes

a lot of time to be a woman.

It takes time to have a feeling of space,

A chance to sink into myself.  

As long as I take time to light a candle to my life,

It remains my life.

~ Judith Duerk (more…)

What Happens When Women Get Together

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity
to retreat to beautiful Lake Murray with twelve women from SC and Georgia. I was yet again reminded of the magic that happens when a group of like-minded, heart-centered women gather together for the shared intention of taking the time to reconnect with self and purpose – yet doing it in the company and support of others.  Parker Palmer calls this “being alone together.” (more…)